That 70s Show

Sunday, July 9, 2017

With the warm hot weather upon us here in South Carolina traveling for me has slowed way down.  However, what I like to call travel season (September-May) is coming up soon and there are some really great places on the books that we will be visiting! 

Today was a nice indoor outing to the Columbia Museum of Art to view "That 70s Show."  I'm extremely interested in the 70s so going to view this exhibit was a given. 
One of the very first things that I noticed about this exhibit is that instead of the viewing benches they had bean bag chairs...SO COOL!  The exhibit also had a wall of reading information giving interesting information regarding each year of the 1970s.

 Poster, Our Unfinished Revolution, 1976 (Alexander Calder)

 Cat Paws, 1974 (Robert Rauchenberg)
 Firebirds, 1979 (Romare Bearden)

 Portrait of a Poet:  Kenneth Koch, 1970 (Alex Katz)
 Rose Room, 1971 (Phyllis Sloane)
 Muntu, 1975 (Karen M. Hendricks)
Women's Equality, 1975 (Marisol)

This exhibit was really rad!  That 70s Show is on view at the Columbia Museum of Art until September 17th.  It's really a must-see especially if you love the 70s!

After a quick stop in the museum gift shop (really great unique items), it was time for ice cream.  Sweet Cream Co. on Main St. in Columbia, SC gets my vote for best ice cream in Columbia!  They are locally sourced and everything is homemade. 
Today's choices were Caramel Popcorn with Peanuts and Dark Cherry with Pistachio.  Both were great choices but as always as we are sitting and eating our ice cream, I'm reading the chalk board with other flavors like Watermelon Mint Sorbet, Orange Coriander Ice Cream, Not Too Salty Pretzels Ice Cream, and more!

Have you been to Sweet Cream Co.?  Any flavor recommendations?

Happy Travels,

Museum & Ice Cream

Monday, June 19, 2017

I've said it before but I'll say it again, one of my all time favorite things to do on Sunday is go to brunch then visit a museum.  Well this past Sunday was one of the best!  Brunch took place at Real Mexico.  Have you been?  I think, who am I kidding I know that I could eat Mexican food every. single. day.  I should start keeping track of how many times in a month I eat Mexican food but I'm pretty sure I would be embarrassed waiting for my well deserved gold-plated jalapeno only to be disappointed when it didn't arrive sooo...  After stuffing our tums with yummy food, we headed to the Columbia Museum of Art to view their newest exhibit, Retooled.  At first I wasn't exactly getting the exhibit but after reading through some of the first exhibits, I was hooked, & thought it was unusually awesome! 

 Hammer and Nails, 1980 (Hans Godo Frabel)
 Cut, 1986 (Polished Steel / Christopher Plowman)
 Summer Tool, 1983 (Oak / F.L. Wall)
 Rake Back Chair, 1981 (Lee A. Schuette)

 I Nailed Wooden Suns to Wooden Skies, 1972 (Red Grooms)

As we were exiting the Retooled exhibit, to the right was an amazing pop-up exhibit by artist Sana Arjumand.  The talent that this amazing artist has is just out of this world fantastic!  If you haven't checked out Retooled or been introduced to the art of Sana Arjumand then drop what you are doing and get to the Columbia Museum of Art!
 Reflection, 2017
 Trust and Faith, 2017
 Pursuit, 2017
Clarity, 2017

On the walk back to the car, a discovery was made and by discovery I mean a life-changing event occurred and by life changing event I mean Lemon Poppy Seed Ice Cream.  Once I hear/see/smell lemon, I can't pass it up.  This doesn't just apply to desserts this extends all the way to cleaning products!  I've been hooked on anything lemon since I first smelled Pine-Sol (lemon scent) as a child & ate lemon curd on a scone!  Speaking of lemon curd, while I don't make scones (yet), I purchased a jar of lemon curd the other day from Trader Joe's just because one never knows what other great food product lemon curd could take to the next great level!
Sweet Cream Co. on Main St. is a must!  Have you been?  Flavor recommendations?  Their Lemon Poppy Seed Ice Cream and Lime Cardamom Ice Cream are so tasty!  Looking forward to our next trip to Sweet Cream Co. to try one of their other tasty flavors even though let's get serious it'll be lemon w/a side of something else!

Happy Travels,

Saluda River Factory Ruins

Thursday, June 15, 2017

After eating lunch at Real Mexico (have you been, it's amazing!), we randomly decided to go to Riverbank Zoo to view the Saluda River Factory Ruins.  The Saluda River Factory was constructed in the 1830s.  The factory became a huge cotton textile mill in the South.  The factory was burned in 1865 during Sherman's occupation of Columbia.  The factory was rebuilt only to be destroyed again by fire (accidental).  The factory ruins, granite blocks, are still visible.  You can access the ruins through the Riverbank Zoo's Garden River Trails.  Also, there is a small museum located to the side of the trail that is extremely information.

After viewing the ruins, we then explored the rest of the zoo. 

Happy Travels,

Savannah: Part 2

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Started the morning with a yum to our tums breakfast at Clary's, which some of y'all might remember from the film Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  Amazing breakfast!

We then decided to head to the beach for a little while so we drove over to Tybee Island for a little exploring.

After a quick trip to the beach, we walked around the squares to see all the beautiful houses...

 The Mercer Williams House.

Green-Meldrim House.

and then toured the Sorrel Weed House.  The Sorrel Weed House is said to be the most haunted house in Savannah.  They offer ghost tours but since we already had a ghost toured lined up for that night (a ghost tour in a hearse) we took the regular day time history tour.  The Sorrel Weed House was built in the late 1830s early 1840s.  Robert E. Lee visited this house in the 1860s and in the 1870s.  There were numerous portraits of Lee throughout the house.  The Sorrel Weed House has been featured in a few ghost shows like The Most Terrifying Places in America.  After learning the history of the house and the individuals who lived (died, were murdered) here, I will be taking the ghost tour on my next trip to Savannah!

While there was a great breeze when we were walking around Savannah, it was still pretty warm so ice cream was a welcomed treat.  With the research I had done for our trip and the reviews that I had read, Leopold's is THE. PLACE. to get ice cream in Savannah.  When we arrived at Leopold's there was a line out the door.  I knew (per the reviews I had read) that we would be waiting but I had to try this homemade ice cream.  While we were waiting (15-20 minutes), we were offered menus and cups of water.  Trying to decide what I wanted to get was difficult because there was so much I wanted to try!  Lemon Custard, Banana, Caramel Swirl, Lavender, and the list goes on and on!  We ultimately decided to get a double scope of Lemon Custard and a double scope of the Banana.  WOW!!!!!!  While I love anything that's lemon, this lemon custard ice cream was out of the world amazing!  I tasted the Banana & so good!  If you are in Savannah, Leopold's is a must and don't be concerned if there is a line out the door, it moves quickly & it's totally worth it!

We had an early dinner back at the Green Truck Neighborhood Pub because again those pickles...geez!  & if you're worried that I may have just eaten a plate full of pickles for dinner, don't worry I didn't order the pickle plate...I know it's a shocker!  For this early dinner I had an amazing burger covered with goat cheese that came with a few pickles.  SO GOOD!

We went back to our hotel to rest for a little bit and to get ready for our ghost tour.  Our ghost tour was with the Hearse Tours.  If you haven't figured out by now, I enjoy a good ghost tour.  I have taken ghost tours with the Hearse Tours in Savannah on previous trips, but each one is different and so much fun!

On our way back to Columbia the next morning, we made a stop in Yemassee to visit the Old Sheldon Church Ruins.

Happy Travels,