Day Trip: Macon, GA

Sunday, June 23, 2019

My mister's birthday is this month and we decided to take a day trip to Macon, GA to celebrate (& yes we have been celebrating all month, is there any other way?!).  On our drive, we realized that we had taken a trip to Macon the year before to celebrate his birthday.

Our first stop in Macon was at Nu-Way Weiners (1916).  My mister had been watching a video on YouTube and Nu-Way Weiners was mentioned in the video.  So like all YouTube videos, down the rabbit hole he went and the next thing we know we are planning a trip to Macon to eat Nu-Way Weiners.

 Delicious hot dogs without onions. (yes, this is mine)
My mister's who loves all the onions!

Our next stop was to The Big House, the Allman Brothers Band Museum.  Since we planned this trip, I have so been looking forward to going to this museum.  As you may know from my Instagram feed, I've been doing a music study.  I have a jar full of slips of paper with band names written on them.  Every week (or every few days), I pull from the jar and whatever band name I pull, I listen to their music for a day/few days/week and watch/read whatever I can find on the band.  The Allman Brothers Band was a band I recently listened to so of course getting to visit a museum dedicated solely to them was great!  Warning:  Photo Overload Below.
 The Big House (aka The Allman Brothers Band Museum).  The Allman Brothers Band lived here from 1970 to 1973.  They paid $275 per month (total) in rent during this time.

Beautiful Entryway.

The first room we explored contained concert posters on one wall (a few seen above) and this painting and gold albums on the other wall.  When the band lived in the house, this room was the parlor and Dickey Betts slept on the pull-out couch located in this room.

 This room was the jam/rehearse room.  Hammond B-3 organ played by Gregg Allman from 1971-1977.

 The mural is of the original band members at Fillmore East in New York City (1971).
 Jaimoe's original stick bag & practice pads.

 Duane Allman's Marshall amp heads/speaker cabinets, Gregg Allman's original songwriting notebook, and the first Allman Brother's Band t-shirt.
 Blue shirt worn by Duane Allman and original Allman Brother Band's road cases.
 Warehouse New Orleans t-shirt worn by Dickey Betts.

 "Rooks" Alembic Bass and Dickey Betts' Gibson SG, Jaimoe's kick drum, and Butch Trucks' Capricorn Records jacket.
 Gong played by Marc Quinones (1991-2011) and Gregg Allman's suit.

Gregg Allman and Cher's pool table.  The pool table is full of band memorabilia.


 Derek Trucks Gibson SGs, strap and amp.
 Allen Woody's Epiphone signature bass.

 Dickey Betts' handwritten 'Blue Sky' lyrics (1971).

The first floor of the Big House is full of Allman Brothers Band memorabilia and I in awe of being able to see it.  If only we could time travel...

 Upstairs:  Duane Allman's bedroom (70-71).

 Dress worn by Brittany (Berry & Linda Oakley's daughter).
The "Cabash" lounge.

 Case containing Jaimoe's items.  (The multi-colored shirt is my absolute favorite.  I asked my mister for one for Christmas.)
This shirt is so beautiful!

 Allen Woody's Mandolin Bass.

After we left the museum, we drove by Little Richard's House.  While this is the original house, it is not the original location (house was moved to save it from being destroyed when the highway was being constructed).

We also did a quick stop to snap a photo of the Cowles-Bond House.
Union Major General James H. Wilson's headquarters in 1865.

After leaving Macon, we decided to make a quick stop in Milledgeville to check out the Milledgeville State Hospital (aka Central State Hospital).

 This building is one of the few buildings on site still in use.

Needless to say, we had a great day trip and am looking forward to our next day trip to Greenville, SC....stay tuned.

Book Recommendations:

Midnight Riders: The Story of the Allman Brothers Band
One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band
The Life and Times of Little Richard

Happy Travels,