Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The perfect time, for me anyway, to visit the Columbia Museum of Art is on a Sunday afternoon.  There’s just something about sleeping in a little, enjoying a nice brunch, and then wandering through the wonderful exhibits at the art museum!  All that art in one place just makes my heart happy!

When I was last at the art museum for the CUT! Exhibit (did you go?  Wasn’t it amazing?!), I  checked out the upcoming exhibits and saw that Salvador Dali’s Fantastical Fairy Tales Collection would be on display beginning March 11th.  I immediately pulled my calendar to see what Sunday I had available to see the Salvador Dali collection (there maybe might have been a countdown to the day….eeekkkk! the excitement!). 

This exhibit does not disappoint!  His Fantastical Fairy Tales Collection tells the story of Alice in Wonderland and Don Quixote.  Another artist featured within Dali’s exhibit is Hans Christian Andersen, whose prints were amazing to view.

Enduring Spirit, The Art of Tyrone Geter is also on display in the same area as Dali and it is breathtaking!  I was not familiar with his work but was instantly a great admirer.  And did I mention that he’s from Columbia, SC!

If you haven’t checked out Salvador Dali’s Fantastical Fairy Tales Collection or T. Geter’s work, you need to get to the Columbia Museum of Art right away!  Dali’s exhibit is open until May 21, 2017 and Geter’s exhibit is open until June 11, 2017.  Both exhibits, in my book, are a must see!

Two upcoming exhibits that you might be interested in viewing are ReTooled, Highlights from the Hechinger Collection (6/2-8/27) and That ‘70s Show, Cool Art from the Collection (6/30-9/17).  See you there!

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