Aiken With a Side of Wagener & Graniteville

Sunday, May 7, 2017

I have been to Aiken a few times and have really enjoyed exploring the Aiken County Museum and Redcliffe Plantation.  However, on this trip I was on my quest to get another stamp in my State Park book for Aiken State Park.  On our way to Aiken State Park, we passed through this adorable town called Wagener. 

 Piano on the front porch!

We made a quick stop at The Little Bake Shoppe in Wagener and geez louise let's talk about their Peanut Butter and Jelly doughnut.  It was Out. Of. This. World. Amazing!  Sorry I don't have a picture to share but this yummy treat was the perfect amount of doughnut and pb&j.  I'm already planning a trip that will take me back to Wagener so I can get another doughnut!

Aiken State Park is a dream!

We then visited Hopelands Garden.  Hopelands Garden was given to the city of Aiken by Hope G. Iselin.  The gardens are free to visit and a must see.  On the property is the Aiken Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame and Museum which as a person who knows next to nothing about horses and horse racing this museum was extremely enlightening.  Friendly/knowledgeable staff and a wealth of information located within the museum.

After stuffing our bellies with chips/salsa & tacos at Mi Rancho, we continued our day by driving the short distance from Aiken to Graniteville.  Graniteville is the site of the train crash in 2005 where 9 people were killed and hundreds were injured.  One of the train cars was carrying liquid chlorine and when the collision happened a huge poisonous gas cloud was released. A memorial was built honoring the individuals who were killed as a result of this crash.
As we were driving around Graniteville, we noticed a huge cross up on the hill.  Being curious people by nature, we began our quest to find this cross.  
After driving around Graniteville...

we found the 92 ft. tall cross in the Graniteville Cemetery.  It is the biggest cross I have even seen and I seriously couldn't stop looking at it!  At night they have lights that shine on the cross which I imagine is just beautiful.

Happy Travels,

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