Museum & Ice Cream

Monday, June 19, 2017

I've said it before but I'll say it again, one of my all time favorite things to do on Sunday is go to brunch then visit a museum.  Well this past Sunday was one of the best!  Brunch took place at Real Mexico.  Have you been?  I think, who am I kidding I know that I could eat Mexican food every. single. day.  I should start keeping track of how many times in a month I eat Mexican food but I'm pretty sure I would be embarrassed waiting for my well deserved gold-plated jalapeno only to be disappointed when it didn't arrive sooo...  After stuffing our tums with yummy food, we headed to the Columbia Museum of Art to view their newest exhibit, Retooled.  At first I wasn't exactly getting the exhibit but after reading through some of the first exhibits, I was hooked, & thought it was unusually awesome! 

 Hammer and Nails, 1980 (Hans Godo Frabel)
 Cut, 1986 (Polished Steel / Christopher Plowman)
 Summer Tool, 1983 (Oak / F.L. Wall)
 Rake Back Chair, 1981 (Lee A. Schuette)

 I Nailed Wooden Suns to Wooden Skies, 1972 (Red Grooms)

As we were exiting the Retooled exhibit, to the right was an amazing pop-up exhibit by artist Sana Arjumand.  The talent that this amazing artist has is just out of this world fantastic!  If you haven't checked out Retooled or been introduced to the art of Sana Arjumand then drop what you are doing and get to the Columbia Museum of Art!
 Reflection, 2017
 Trust and Faith, 2017
 Pursuit, 2017
Clarity, 2017

On the walk back to the car, a discovery was made and by discovery I mean a life-changing event occurred and by life changing event I mean Lemon Poppy Seed Ice Cream.  Once I hear/see/smell lemon, I can't pass it up.  This doesn't just apply to desserts this extends all the way to cleaning products!  I've been hooked on anything lemon since I first smelled Pine-Sol (lemon scent) as a child & ate lemon curd on a scone!  Speaking of lemon curd, while I don't make scones (yet), I purchased a jar of lemon curd the other day from Trader Joe's just because one never knows what other great food product lemon curd could take to the next great level!
Sweet Cream Co. on Main St. is a must!  Have you been?  Flavor recommendations?  Their Lemon Poppy Seed Ice Cream and Lime Cardamom Ice Cream are so tasty!  Looking forward to our next trip to Sweet Cream Co. to try one of their other tasty flavors even though let's get serious it'll be lemon w/a side of something else!

Happy Travels,

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