Welcome to Mars Bluff!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

When people ask me where I am from and I tell them Mars Bluff, SC, the normal response is "Where is Mars Bluff?"  Mars Bluff is a small community located in Florence County.  While home for the holidays, I decided to document some of this precious community I call home. 
(historical marker is located on Fore Rd. in Mars Bluff)

(marker & house located on Price Rd. in Mars Bluff)
(marker located off Palmetto St.)
I grew up hearing stories of the Atomic Bomb Accident.  I like to call this incident our (Mars Bluff) claim to fame because anytime I get the "Where's Mars Bluff?" question, I will mention the Atomic Bomb accident and a majority of people automatically know what I'm talking about...  There is a 'crater site' that I'm told can still be seen today but it is located on private property.

Mars Bluff is a small community that I'm proud to call home!  While I have called Columbia, SC home for many years, it is always nice to leave the city, head to the country, and hang out in Mars Bluff.  Hope you've enjoyed getting to know my neck of the woods!

Happy Travels

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