Columbia Underground

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tonight was the next to the last tour EVER of Columbia underground!  I have been looking forward to this tour as I had only heard stories of the underground world that existed in Columbia.  Check-in and yummy snacks were located inside the Arcade Mall.

This building is amazingly beautiful!  We were all introduced to one of the new owners of the building.  He informed all of us that they were planning to restore the building to its original early 1900s look.  How exciting that the building is going to be preserved!  Also, the 'Columbia underground' is going to hopefully be turned into a restaurant! 

Tours began and underground we went!
 Amazing wallpaper!

 Our wonderful tour guide! 

 Wallpaper inside one of the bathrooms!

 A stage in one of the underground bars.

The underground area was active from 1972 to 1974.  All I can say is if I could time travel, I would so be traveling to Columbia Underground 1973!

Next Event : Historic Happy Hour / Hollings Library

Happy Travels,

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