Lots of History in Lower Richland

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Took a little trip to Lower Richland today and what I learned was that this area is packed full of wonderful history!  The trip left from Historic Columbia and headed for Hopkins, South Carolina.  Our first stop was the Hopkins Graded School.  This building was used from 1897 until the 1930s.  Across the street from the Hopkins Graded School is one of the most adorable small churches which was built in 1891.  In 1875, row houses were built for railroad workers.  An example of a row house is the Felder House.  This house was built in 1875 and still has the original siding and the original handmade nails.  Our next stop was the Dr. Hubert Claytor house.  This house was built in 1887.  Dr. Hubert Claytor used the first floor of the house for his medical practice and the second floor as his residence.  On the property are the original smokehouse and barn.  We continued our journey to the Harriet Barber House, purchased in 1872.  This property was purchased through the SC Land Commission which began during Reconstruction.  This house is adorable!  And then to Wavering Place Plantation...umm amazing!
This house, built in the 1850s, sits on an estimated 225 acres.  This property is still in the Adams family (Joel Adams settled on this property in 1768).  There is a Behind-the-scenes tour of this plantation scheduled for Sunday, April 3rd.  I'm looking forward to the upcoming tour of this beautiful place!  Okay, back to the tour...next stop Eastover.  The railroad runs through the middle of the Eastover.  On our arrival into the Eastover, we are shown 2 original buildings, the J.A. Mercantile building was built in 1910 while the other building was built in 1890.  Making our way back to Historic Columbia, we stop by Good Hope Baptist Church.  This church was built in 1857. 

This tour was a lot of fun.  I learned many things about Lower Richland history.  There are other historical sites in Lower Richland like Alwehav, Kensington, Goodwill, and many more!!!  Lower Richland has many things to offer anyone interested in the history of this community!

This week events :
: Behind-the-scenes tour / Down Under Columbia / Thursday, January 14th
: Historic Happy Hour / USC-Thomas Cooper Library / Friday, January 15th

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