Day Trip : Camden

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Camden, SC has been on my "to travel to" list for awhile!  A day trip out of town was calling and Camden was the answer.  The day trip started with a visit to a Robert Mills designed church. 

 This is a beautifully designed church that is still used today.  My next stop was the Quaker Cemetery.  I enjoy walking cemeteries as I find them to be extremely peaceful and the Quaker Cemetery was no exception.  However, right before I made my way into the cemetery, I made a quick stop at this amazing piece of history...

The information provided at the Camden Oak is told from the tree's point of view which was fun to read.  The Camden Oak dates back to the late 1700s.  Right across the street was the 'haunted' grave of Agnes of Glasgow.  It is said that Agnes of Glasgow was traveling to America in order to join the man she loved (a British soldier).  She died on the journey prior to locating her soldier.  Agnes of Glasgow still searches for the man she loved.

The Quaker Cemetery (founded in 1759) in full of history.  Buried in the cemetery are Revolutionary soldiers, Confederate soldiers, a female Confederate spy, an Episcopal Bishop, locals of Camden, Original Quaker graves, 3 Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients, and many more.  Also, located in the cemetery is the site of the original Quaker meeting house.  If you enjoy walking through old cemeteries, then you should add the Quaker Cemetery to your 'to travel to' list.

 The last historic site on the list for Camden (for the day) was the Historic Camden Revolutionary War Park. 

 Camden has a lot of history to offer and many more historic sites to visit.  I am planning to travel back to Camden to visit other historic sites!

Side Note : If you ever find yourself in Camden, there are 2 'eateries' that are a must :
Salud and Mulberry Market Bake Shop

Happy Travels,


  1. Dear Southern Girl......loved your trip to Camden. It is one of my favorite small towns. So much to see and do, and you covered it well. Beside the Presbyterian Church is a small brick chapel built by her parents in memory of Rendy Hammett, who was killed when she was in the second grade. She was Ellen's best friend. Thanks for the tour and sharing your fun.

  2. Janice, So glad you enjoyed the post about Camden. It instantly became one of my favorite places in SC!