Day Trip : Stateburg

Saturday, June 18, 2016

I was invited on what I like to call an 'adventure day' to Stateburg, SC.  If you haven't visited Stateburg, SC you are missing out on this historical gem!  Our group gathered at The Ruins (a dream of a place in Stateburg, owned by Rhett & Pat Summerville).  We loaded up in 2 vehicles and away we went!  Our first stop was to Edgehill (privately owned)

The original house was built in the 1750s.  The original house was destroyed by fire and the house you see now was built in the 1800s.  Thomas Sumter had Edgehill built for his granddaughter, Louisa.  Also, Gov. John Rutledge lived at Edgehill in the later 1700s.  It is currently privately owned and I was very glad to be able to meet one of the owners, Linda.  Such a kind lady to allow our adventure group to tour the grounds of Edgehill and did I mention that I climbed the ladder to the 3rd floor of the barn, with Linda's nephew as my guide, in order to see the original cistern...the things we do to see history!!
The cistern is amazing!  Thank you to Linda and her nephew for making our visit very memorable!
Our next stop was Borough Plantation (privately owned).
Amazing, right?  The house (middle portion with columns) was originally a tavern in 1758.  In 1820, the two wings were added shifting this structure from a tavern to a home.  The two wings are made of rammed earth with the walls measuring 18 inches thick.  There are MANY structures on this property which made this history nerd beyond excited!!!
 Library.  Divided into 2 rooms, the tutor lived in one room and classes were held in the other room.
 Conservatory.  This structure was added later than the 1820 wings.  Inside the conservatory is a Night Blooming Cereus (succulent).  This plant was given to the family by Joel Poinsett (where the Poinsettia gets its name). 
 Smokehouse.  Wash House.
 Chicken Coop.  Pigeon House.
 Original Slave Dwelling. (Additions have been made.)
 Dr.'s Office. (Dr. Anderson, owner of Burough (1821) was a physician.)
Other structures on site were the Loom House and Dry Well.  This tour, given by the owner of the property, was a dream!  Many thanks to our tour guides!
We leave Borough House to return to The Ruins for a quick picnic style lunch (inside because it was so hot outside).  After a delicious lunch we hop back into the vehicles and away we go for more site seeing led by our tour guides, Pat and Carl.
We drive by Brookland Plantation, built in the early 1800s.  This plantation is privately owned so we weren't able to view or tour it.  Our next stop was to the Church of the Holy Cross.  This church is built across the street from the Borough House.  Also built of rammed earth. Before entering the church, we are given a cemetery tour.  A cemetery FULL of history!

McCord House.  Mary Boykin Chestnut's residence until she was 11 years old.

Oakland Plantation.

Original site of Furman University.

Nathalie Sumter's Grave.

 Book recommendation from one of my friends on the tour is A Lady of the High Hills, which is the story of Nathalie Sumter.  (I've already added this to my library list!)

This adventure day goes down as one of my all time favorite days!  Thank you again to everyone that took part in making this day a memorable day!

Happy Travels,

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