Newberry, South Carolina

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I have been wanting to explore Newberry, SC for the longest time & having 4 days off from work for the holiday seemed like the perfect time to have some adventure days. 
Memorial Park

Newberry Opera House
 Old Court House.  This is the 4th Court House in this location.  The 3rd Court House built in 1823 was a Robert Mills design.  The Old Court House, seen above, was built in 1853.  The visitor center is located in the Old Court House.
 Mileage Marker.  Distances were once measured from Court House to Court House.

 C. T. Summer Inc. Hardware Store.  American Pickers (my favorite tv show) has 'picked' from this Hardware Store.  I went through the store & it's amazing!  Stood around an old pot belly stove (his source of heating in the store) w/the owner and discussed history...this girl was in history heaven!

 This garden needs a lot of love and care but was a unique place to visit.


 Robert Mills is one of my favorite architects so while traveling I'm always on the look out for a structure designed by Mills.  Found one! I had heard of this house a while ago and was glad that I was able to see it while in Newberry.  Oak Grove is a beautiful home!

Enjoyed exploring Newberry and will definitely be visiting again! 

Have you traveled to Newberry, SC?  If so, what did you enjoy exploring?

Happy Travels,

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