Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I'm a planner and this trip was taken with a friend of mine who is also a planner.  Two planners hitting the road together made for one great colored coded itinerary weekend getaway!

Fort Sumter : I hadn't been to Fort Sumter since I was in elementary school!  I was really looking forward to going back and checking the fort out as an adult.  Forts are so interesting because they provide an abundance of historical and architectural information.  

Angel Oak : located on Johns Island.  This tree is breathtaking!  I was so overwhelmed by the magnitude of the Angel Oak.  Angel Oak is hundreds of years old.  It is 65 feet tall with the canopy estimated at 2,000 square yards.  I can only imagine what all this tree has seen!

Because we both like to visit unusual 'must-see' stops, we stopped in Bowman on our way back to Columbia to visit the UFO Welcome Center.  There are no words to describe this place!

 There are many more historical sites to see in Charleston so until next time.

Happy Travels,

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