Landsford, South Carolina

Sunday, February 26, 2017

As I was leaving Chester I realized that Landsford Canal State Park wasn't too far away, so of course I decided to continue my exploration of this area.  I made a quick stop at the Olde English Visitor Center where I picked up a hand full of touring brochures.  As a side note, I can never have too many touring brochures (I maybe might have a box full of brochures at home!).  Landsford is a beautiful, sort of off the beaten path, area.  Landsford Canal State Park is a must see.  The Catawba River runs along the state park.  Three different trails are offered to explore the park.  As I was running short on time, I took the shortest trail and was able to see some of the canal works, wildlife, and was able to meet a couple of fellow adventurers that enjoy exploring their state as much as I do!  I will definitely have to return to Landsford Canal State Park because I have a lot more trails to walk, a museum & burial site to visit, and history to learn. 

 Bat Box.

As I was making my way back to the main road, I drove past what appeared to be an abandoned cemetery.  Of course I can't pass up walking a cemetery so I parked the car and got out to explore & I am glad that I did.  I instantly felt a connection to this cemetery!  Upon touring the cemetery I found that it was named Old Stone Cemetery and many of the headstones date to the 1700s.   

I grew up exploring cemeteries with my Dad as he did genealogical research.  I instantly feel very calm and peaceful as soon as I enter most cemeteries and Old Stone Cemetery was no exception.

How you explored your state recently?  I would love to hear of your recent travels!  Also, I welcome all recommendations of places I should visit as I'm always looking for my next place to explore!

Happy Travels,

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