Chester, South Carolina

Monday, February 20, 2017

By now I'm sure you have figured out that I love to travel!  I am always on the go and that's exactly how I like it.  My 'to see' list is ever growing.  However, I was able to mark many things off my list this past Saturday with a trip to Chester and Landsford (post on Landsford to come later).  

My 'adventure day' as I like to call them began at Chester State Park.  Have you been?  It's such a lovely place.  I arrived not long after the park opened (wanting to make the most of my day), got my stamp in my State Park book, paid my fee ($2 per person), and away I went to explore.  The drive through the park is extremely pretty and I guess between the time and the coldness outside I didn't see another human for quite some time.  Walked some of the trail, crossed the bridge & flew my kite.  The wind was great & there was a nice open area right by the water that was the perfect spot for flying the kite.

With all the walking and playing around flying the kite, I was hungry.  I had heard about The Clyclone and their signature 'secret' sour cream that was a must on anything you ordered from there so I of course had to try it.  As a side note, I am always researching trips I go on, whether it is just for the day or for a week.  I want to be able to get the most out of my day, see everything I can see regarding the place I am visiting, and to eat at a local restaurant.  The Cyclone did not disappoint and neither did their signature 'secret' sour cream.  Their fried green tomatoes were amazing but dipped in their signature sour cream...geez louise, they were out of this world.  As I was getting ready to pay my bill, I noticed a homemade pound cake.  Pound cake to me is the only cake that really and truly matters so I got a slice to go.  It was yum to my tum!
Pictures from Historic Chester.

Drove around the town looking at beautiful historic homes which is how I ended up in Landsford.  I will post more about my visit to Landsford in a later post but for now enjoy photos from my trip to Chester!
Happy Travels,

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