Savannah: Part 1

Saturday, June 3, 2017

When needing a get-out-of-town-before-it's-to-hot-to-travel trip (& yes as a South Carolinian, I am a firm believer that there is a time when it is too hot to travel...I mean when you're already pouring sweat just walking from your living space to your's too hot!), Savannah was the obvious choice!  I have traveled to Savannah a few times in the past and have absolutely loved it and this trip didn't disappoint.  My travel companion had never visited Savannah so it was fun to do lots of touristy things with a first timer. 

A quick stop by Bonaventure Cemetery was a must to get the Savannah weekend trip started.

It was such a nice day out that after being in the car for a few hours, it was nice to walk around Forsyth Park.

Quick lunch stop at the Green Truck Neighborhood Pub where I fell head over heels in love with their pickles.  I maybe might have ordered the Pickle Plate ($1) to go just so I could have them for a snack later.  FOR SERIOUS, if you are in Savannah you need to eat pickles (& anything else off the menu because it is guaranteed to be amazing) at the Green Truck Neighborhood Pub. 

Made a quick stop at the Savannah History Museum.
The Forrest Gump Bench.

When looking for a place to lay my head, I found a good deal on a hotel that had a great river view.  The reviews didn't lie, River Street Inn is an amazing hotel, friendly staff, and yes a great river view! 

While walking around, we discovered this amazing pizza placed called Your Pie.  Hands down the best basil pesto/feta/hot sausage pizza I have ever eaten!  Geez just writing about it is making me hungry!  Seriously basil pesto, well any pesto for that matter, makes everything better!

Stay tuned for Savannah: Part 2 coming soon with many many (many) more photos & a secret (not really) on where to find the best ice cream in Savannah.

Happy Travels,

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