Savannah: Part 2

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Started the morning with a yum to our tums breakfast at Clary's, which some of y'all might remember from the film Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  Amazing breakfast!

We then decided to head to the beach for a little while so we drove over to Tybee Island for a little exploring.

After a quick trip to the beach, we walked around the squares to see all the beautiful houses...

 The Mercer Williams House.

Green-Meldrim House.

and then toured the Sorrel Weed House.  The Sorrel Weed House is said to be the most haunted house in Savannah.  They offer ghost tours but since we already had a ghost toured lined up for that night (a ghost tour in a hearse) we took the regular day time history tour.  The Sorrel Weed House was built in the late 1830s early 1840s.  Robert E. Lee visited this house in the 1860s and in the 1870s.  There were numerous portraits of Lee throughout the house.  The Sorrel Weed House has been featured in a few ghost shows like The Most Terrifying Places in America.  After learning the history of the house and the individuals who lived (died, were murdered) here, I will be taking the ghost tour on my next trip to Savannah!

While there was a great breeze when we were walking around Savannah, it was still pretty warm so ice cream was a welcomed treat.  With the research I had done for our trip and the reviews that I had read, Leopold's is THE. PLACE. to get ice cream in Savannah.  When we arrived at Leopold's there was a line out the door.  I knew (per the reviews I had read) that we would be waiting but I had to try this homemade ice cream.  While we were waiting (15-20 minutes), we were offered menus and cups of water.  Trying to decide what I wanted to get was difficult because there was so much I wanted to try!  Lemon Custard, Banana, Caramel Swirl, Lavender, and the list goes on and on!  We ultimately decided to get a double scope of Lemon Custard and a double scope of the Banana.  WOW!!!!!!  While I love anything that's lemon, this lemon custard ice cream was out of the world amazing!  I tasted the Banana & so good!  If you are in Savannah, Leopold's is a must and don't be concerned if there is a line out the door, it moves quickly & it's totally worth it!

We had an early dinner back at the Green Truck Neighborhood Pub because again those pickles...geez!  & if you're worried that I may have just eaten a plate full of pickles for dinner, don't worry I didn't order the pickle plate...I know it's a shocker!  For this early dinner I had an amazing burger covered with goat cheese that came with a few pickles.  SO GOOD!

We went back to our hotel to rest for a little bit and to get ready for our ghost tour.  Our ghost tour was with the Hearse Tours.  If you haven't figured out by now, I enjoy a good ghost tour.  I have taken ghost tours with the Hearse Tours in Savannah on previous trips, but each one is different and so much fun!

On our way back to Columbia the next morning, we made a stop in Yemassee to visit the Old Sheldon Church Ruins.

Happy Travels,

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