Across the River

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Today was a pretty awesome day!  I attended an Indian Meeting/Christmas Party in Cayce this afternoon.  Upon arrival I went through a smudging.  The smudging was done to ward off any evil spirits and to allow positive to come through (the whole process was really cool!).  Later in the afternoon, I was honored to take part in a blessing of the land ceremony and then a naming ceremony.  The blessing of the land was an extremely moving and beautiful ceremony. 

Afterwards, I was able to tour the Cayce Historical Museum.  The Cayce Historical Museum is a must see!  There are 2 floors of rooms filled with artifacts...AMAZING!

Tonight, I attended a Lantern Tour hosted by The River Alliance.  The tour, which was a 2 mile walk, covered the history of the battle of Congaree Creek.  People in period clothing, history, and being outdoors...I was in heaven! 

Happy Travels,

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