Two Centuries of Living & Working on the Historic Horseshoe Lecture

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Every time I walk onto the Horseshoe, I am in awe of the peaceful beauty of the area.  The beautiful historic buildings, the trees that line the area, the open green space, and even a Christmas Tree could all be seen while standing at the entrance of the Horseshoe.  I arrived a little early for the lecture (traffic & parking were kind to me today), so I started wandering around the grounds.
While exploring, I came across a lovely green space located behind the South Caroliniana Library.  In that green space was a fountain which had been erected in honor of "The Carolina Patriots who fought in the American Revolution."  After discovering the fountain, I wanted to keep exploring but it was time to go into the grand South Caroliniana Library to find my seat for the lecture.

I am so glad that I attended this (free) lecture.  As a graduate of the University of South Carolina, it was a real treat to learn more about my alma mater.  The lecture was given by Elizabeth Cassidy West and Katharine Thompson Allen, authors of their new book, On the Horseshoe.  They provided pieces of Horseshoe history during their 30-45 talk.  A book signing was held after the lecture where I had the privilege of purchasing their new book and having it signed by the authors.

The University of South Carolina has a very rich history that begins in 1801 and continues through present day.  As a lover of history, I am looking forward to reading this book and mapping out 'to-see' places On the Horseshoe.

Happy Travels


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! When it warms up, let's go there for a lunch break and you can be the tour guide :)

    1. A picnic & a history tour...sounds like a great plan!