1st Day of 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016

This day was perfect!  A couple of my friends invited me on a first day hike at Sesquicentennial State Park and then an Owl Prowl at Congaree National Park.  I am somewhat embarrassed to state that I have lived in Columbia, SC for over 10 years & TODAY was my very first visit to Sesquicentennial and Congaree....yes I am holding my head down in shame!

The first day hike at Sesqui began with checking in and receiving an Official Guide to South Carolina State Parks booklet.  Also, I received my very first stamp in my new booklet.  There is an Ultimate Outsider Challenge which challenges an individual to visit all 47 state parks in SC (& receive a stamp @ each location) and once completed you will receive a T-shirt.  Challenge Accepted!  The 2-mile hike began at 1:00pm and there was a large turnout.  I love being outdoors and Sesqui is just beautiful!  I plan to be a frequent visitor of Sesqui!

I met back up with my friends later in the day and we headed to Congaree National Park.  The peacefulness that I felt as I walked along the boardwalk at Congaree was amazing!  The Owl Prowl began at 4:30pm with a talk from one of the Park Rangers about the park and the owls.  After the talk, we headed out to see if we could locate any owls.  We heard a couple of owls while we were out and then we saw AN OWL!!!!  WHAT a beautiful creature!!!  Again, I LOVE being outdoors & with all these beautiful creatures (well except snakes...I can't deal w/snakes!).  Congaree, you won my heart!  

(I apologize for the lack of photos...computer issues!)

Next event : Second Sunday Roll / Lower Richland on Sunday, January 10th. 

Happy Travels,

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