Day Trip : Aiken

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Welcome to the Aiken County Historical Museum!  This museum is 17,500 square feet of awesome!  The beauty of the museum begins on the outside. 

When we entered the museum, we were greeted, asked to sign in, given a map (yes a map...remember 17,500 square feet of exhibits...pretty sure I was like a kiddo in a toy store!).  After I signed in, I noticed a gentleman in a Confederate uniform sitting on a bench against the wall...of course I needed to know more!  Well upon speaking with gentleman, I discovered that he was General Wade Hampton, III (Eddie Rodgers).  Side note : my top two favorite people in the C.S.A. (Confederate States Of America) are Stonewall Jackson and Wade Hampton 3.  I mentioned to Hampton (yes, this is what I have decided to call him) that Wade 3 was one of my all time favorite individuals & I had been told there was a must see portrait of Wade 3.  I was led into one of the exhibit rooms and saw a portrait of Wade Hampton, III that was just breathtaking.  The portrait had been saved during a fire so there was some damage to the portrait but that just added character & an interesting story.  While standing in the same room as the portrait of Wade 3, Hampton quizzed me, taught me, informed me and just talked with me about history for the next 2 hours (there maybe might have been a high-five or 3)!
We had another stop after the museum so for our final hour, we toured the remaining exhibits within the museum.  From a Circus Room (creepy clown sitting in a chair...did I mention that I'm terrified of clowns...yep, not a fan!) to a Pharmacy with original 1950 products...there is something for everyone to see! 

(Admission : free)

Our next stop was Redcliffe Plantation.

This plantation is beautiful!  The house tells the stories of the 4 owners of the plantation from its original owner to its last owner.  There is a nice mix of 19th and 20th century artifacts throughout the house.  Before our tour (guided) began, we toured (self-guided) the grounds.
Magnolia Lane.
1/2 way down Magnolia Lane. 
This plant!  (I need this @ my house!)

While we were in the gift shop purchasing our tickets & a book (Death by Petticoat), I noticed a sign for an upcoming event at Redcliffe.  Scandals & Gossip will take place on February 13, 2016 from 4:30-5:30...there was some talk of broken heart cookies being made for this event!

Our day trip to Aiken was a success!  We visited new historical sites, toured a lovely historical plantation, talked for hours with new friends about history, learned new things, and just took in every. single. moment!

Next event : Second Sunday Roll / Lower Richland
Upcoming February event : Battle of Aiken / Feb. 20-21

Happy Travels,

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