Blackville, South Carolina

Saturday, July 23, 2016

I had previously visited the Healing Springs in Blackville, SC.  Since that time I have been saving milk/tea jugs to take to the healing springs for some of the best spring water I have ever tasted!  God's Acre Healing Springs is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. 

 When I arrived at the springs there were several people at the springs filling up their jugs.  The springs were deeded to God in the 1970s and are open to the public 24/7.  After filling up the 6 jugs I was able to save, I visited the Mennonite country store located near the springs.  The store is small but the people are extremely friendly.  I picked up a PA Dutch Birch Beer, an yummy grilled cheese sandwich, and a couple of slices of hoop cheese.  I am continuing to save milk/tea jugs and will be heading back to the springs in a little while to get more spring water.

While I was in Blackville, I passed by a random tank.  The army tank sits on the side of the road in front of the American Legion building.

After viewing the tank, I headed back to Columbia.  However, I did make a stop in Springfield, SC.  This town, while extremely small, had a great antique shop where I was able to find vintage pyrex and vintage glass refrigerator dishes!!  I enjoy exploring or as I like to call them 'adventure days'!!!!

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