Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My birthday was this past Saturday and it just seemed right to celebrate turning another year older while touring historical sites.  Georgetown, SC is where I decided I wanted to celebrate!  I enlisted my family to come tour Georgetown with me, so we loaded up the vehicles and away we went.  The ride to Georgetown is such a beautiful drive.  As we were driving I couldn't remember if I had ever been to Georgetown by land.  My uncle (shout out to my Uncle James!) would plan trips to Georgetown and my family would jump in the boat & go go go.  By water or land, the ride to Georgetown is amazing! 
The day was very cloudy and the chance of rain was extremely high but that didn't stop us.   I grabbed my camera gear, boots, and my rain jacket and I was ready.  Our first stop was at Hampton Plantation State Historic Site.  This site is on the SC State Park list so yes I received my stamp while visiting the Ranger's Station (another state park visited, many more to go).  We purchased our tour tickets then made our way to the mansion.  We met the Park Ranger/Tour Guide on the 'now' back porch but when the house was originally built the back porch was the front...both have pretty awesome views.  Upon stepping into the mansion, you see what looks to be a restoration in process.  However, the exposed beams, no furniture, some 'open' walls are all part of teaching the history of the home.
 Original 'front' of the house, with this view

 The interior
 Names of enslaved individuals

 George Washington visited Hampton Plantation
 The trees on this property were amazing!

God has blessed my birthday/adventure day & the rain has held off thus far.  We went into Georgetown and ate fantastic seafood at the River Room.  As we were leaving there was a pirate by the doorway so of course that meant that I had to have my picture taken w/him while doing my best pirate impression.  Pretty spot on if you ask me :)

 After lunch, we went on a 'walking tour'.  I've started adding these into my tour plans because I want to see more of the town/city and not fall asleep in the back of the car.  In the few blocks that we walked we saw so much history.  


Our last stop of the day was at the Prince Frederick's Chapel Ruins located in Plantersville.  This place was a little tricky to locate but we only had to stop twice, turn around once & we found it which I count as a win.  This ruins are not far off the road and are massive!  Building for the chapel (the 2nd one in its location) started in 1859 but was stopped due to the Civil War.  The chapel was completed in 1876.  However, due to the decline in the rice planter community, the chapel was abandoned.  The chapel, with the exception of the tower and front wall, were demolished in 1966.  There is a chain link fence around the site as vandalism has taken place (come on people this is our history!) and there are private property signs located in several places.  I was saddened to see the fence with the locked gate because the chapel spoke to me and I wanted to go exploring.  Also, because there was a cemetery located on the property and I wondered about their loved ones.

It was a wonderful birthday adventure day!  Good food, great company, and history...everything I wanted for my birthday!  & the rain held off until the drive back home started!

Happy Travels,

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