Lee State Park

Sunday, February 5, 2017

10 stamps in my SC State Park book, 37 more to go!  I have passed the exit to Lee State Park hundreds of times and would always think "I'm going to stop by there one day".  Well that one day came this past weekend and what a gem!.  There is a small gift shop and area with information about the park and other parks.  The Park Ranger was knowledgeable about the area and other SC park areas.  We also shared our excitement for the upcoming Total Eclipse which takes place August 21st.  Is everyone ready for that?  I know that I am! 

After leaving the gift shop/ranger station, I headed for the short boardwalk.  While I could hear the traffic from the interstate, it was still nice to be standing in the middle of the boardwalk, surrounded by nature and to have the quietness of nature consume the noise of the freeway.  I decided to explore more of the park so off the boardwalk I went and on to the trails.  The park was established in 1935 by the CCC, at which time 7 artesian wells were placed within the park.  Currently 5 of the 7 artesian wells are still working and I was able to view 2 of them on the trail I was walking.  The artesian wells are beautiful and their was information posted explaining the digging process and how the wells work...too cool!  The water from the well is crystal clear and really cold. 

After walking the trails for awhile, I hopped back in the car and toured some of the other areas of the park that I could reach by driving.  Beautiful trees, people riding horses, boy scouts camping & building shelters out of limbs, campers, and wildlife. Lee State Park is a beautiful, peaceful park!


Have you been exploring your state?  I would love to hear about any of your recent travels!

Happy travels,

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